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Thanks Brock!

I have h9 control and h90 control (h9c and h90c?) both open at the moment and so far no funk (on a Mac – MBP 2015 10.14 osX),

My first steps in h90c… (trying to import some presets from h9c to h90c)

  • imports OK with the .h9x files – all comes in, (i haven’t tested the actual presets yet)
  • the lefthand side h90c lists seem to be stuck in BANK mode, regardless of the state of the pedal, hmm…
  • Of course, A gets filled with the h9 presets, and B is set to a THRU algo; so let’s try and get something into B
  • As with h9c, h90c also seems not to allow copy&paste of multiple selection of preset(s). hmm…
  • To get a preset into B, drag & drop doesn’t seem to work, hmm…
  • Clicking on a preset from the Preset Library gets something into B – 🙂
  • I can copy a preset and then paste it into an empty user INIT slot, one by one…

As I say, these are tiny first steps. If h90c allows cut&paste and drag&drop of multiple Presets within a Program that wd be great. Not quite sure how that is done yet…

If I find out I’ll post here