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Interesting. Care to elaborate on your choice of dual routing? I thought I had mine setup the most efficient way but maybe I’m mistaken. What advantages does that give over insert? My routing is below

Guitar -> Drive 1 -> Drive 2 -> Input of H90
H90 Loop -> Tonex Pedal
H90 Stereo Output -> Boss RC-10R -> Walrus Canvas Stereo
Morningstar MC6 Pro controlling H90, Tonex, RC-10R

With the above setup I can either use it as an ampless rig with Tonex amps and take XLR’s from the Canvas to FOH, Monitors, or an Interface. I can also take from the TS, sum to mono, and go into a power amp with the Cab Sim Turned off in the Tonex. Conversely, I can make presets in the H90 without the Tonex Insert and run it into the front of a tube amp (also summed to mono), do a wet/dry rig taking from each of the TS, etc. Originally I had to 2 drive pedals in the loop with the Tonex but moved them to the H90 input. One, so if I go into the front of a tube amp without Tonex I dont have the additional latency of running through the Tonex with it bypassed and two, I can put H90 effects between the pedals and the Tonex amps i.e. maybe a Flanger or something I want before the Tonex Amp in some instances.