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update – here is one way, a bit clunky

  • in h90control click on the bottom menu to move to Presets Library
  • in the left-hand list at the bottom click on the import icon (an arrow)
  • import the .h9z file from your drive into h90control
  • click on the new List and select a preset (which will appear in the A slot)
  • click on the vertical 3-dot menu in the A slot
  • click on “Save to Library” (with a unique name different to any other in the Library)
  • click on the B slot to highlight it
  • click on the preset (which will appear in the B slot)
  • save the program (i.e. the A and B slots together) by “Save Program to List”
  • GOTCHA! you cannot choose a different List to save into, you can only replace a Program in the List you started with
  • so possibly better to export the List before you start overwriting – go to left hand bottom and click on “export the current list”
  • this goes ahead and generates a file, then prompts for a destination
  • this creates a new type of file – a “xxxx.h90lst” file which is basically a text file
  • this file is uneditable gobbledegook (unlike .tide files, which are editable)
  • unsurprisingly, this file cannot be imported either into an h9
  • also unsurprisingly, the h90 cannot import .h9k or .h9s files from a h9000 so likely vice-versa

So yes you can import from h9 into an h90 even though all the Eventide (stompboxes, H9s, h90s and h9000) are kinda separated into their own file format bubbles, the only common format being .tide, but again that means more of a one-by-one slow process.

Anyone have a better method, I’d appreciate it – meantime I’m going to do a lot of mouseclicks…

In an ideal world, .h9z files get imported into h90 and a prompt asks to fill either A or B slots. Good for users with multiple H9s (or TF, MF, Space etc. srtompboxes) that are chained together. Same goes for h9000 users who want to import into h90, a prompt asks which of the 4 (h90 compatible) FX chain algos the user wishes to port over, and into which preset slot – A or B.

Amazing sonics! all good stuff, roll on bluetooth



ps: Brock, I have both h9c, h90c as well as both boxes connected under Mac 10.14 and it seems non-funky (so far)