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I think I understand the problem, basically when I activate the loop with the h90, for a fraction of a second the guitar sound passes from the program that is currently loaded on the eventide to then pass to the program recalled via midi by the looper. This is because the analog loop is faster than the “process” of changing programs on the h90.

In fact, this does not happen if instead of the algorithms I load only insert 2(or 1) and always recall via midi.

therefore the problem is the latency that is created in loading 2 algorithms and not in the transmission of the midi program change itself.

obviously if you use the buttons on the h90 this problem apparently doesn’t exist because I feel like the latency has been balanced, I don’t feel the immediacy of the preset change in the same speed as an analog looper to understand.

that’s why if instead of 2 algorithms I load only 1 I feel less latency, maybe just half

In summary, therefore, the slow midi communication does not seem to be the problem, perhaps the algorithm loading process should be optimised/speeded up.