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1. Connect your Dunlop DVP4 to the MC6 Pro using a TRS cable. Make sure the port is configured for an expression pedal and not an aux switch of some sort. In the software of the Morningstar MC6 Pro, make sure the port is configured for “Expression.” Also, on the Preset side, make sure it’s setup to send expression data with controller change information.
2. Next, assign a CC# to the port and make sure we’re transmitting on the same channel as the H90.
3. Finally, on the H90 assign parameters to the same CC# you’ve chosen for MIDI expression. This can be done on a Program or Global basis.

To assign specific preset parameters to a CC#, press Parameters, choose the category, for example, Preset A parameters, and hold down the quick knob button of the parameter you wish to map. The easiest way to map is to just use the Learn function, so the pedal automatically detects the CC# of the pedal as we move it back and forth. We can set a custom expression range on the next page, if we want. Repeat this process to map more parameters to the MIDI expression pedal.

On the other hand, for global assignments, I recommend always mapping parameters to HotKnob P and then mapping HotKnob P to a CC# in the MIDI – Global Ctl menu. Using this strategy, since parameters and custom ranges are mapped to HotKnob P for every Program, we can then use the expression pedal transmitting through the MIDI controller on the same CC# to control Hotknob P for all Programs globally.