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There are a few ways to load a new Program and change what effects are loaded. You can use Select or Bank mode using the H90’s footswitches, or you can use an external controller and send MIDI Program Changes to the pedal.

It’s also worth pointing out that a Program is the combination of 2 Presets, so each time a new Program is loaded you have the option of loading two new Algorithm Presets. Therefore, using Bank Mode gives you up to 6 algorithms to choose from using the footswitches.

The best option for a live show where you need to have a variety of effects to choose from is to create a predetermined list of Programs that use the effects you need, and use either Select or Bank mode to load these. A MIDI controller can also be useful for this.

The H9 could can only run 1 algorithm at a time, and the H9 does not offer the Program spillover feature that the H90 has. This allows for gapless audio when loading new effects and is very effective for live use when changing effects between or during songs.

I can’t provide a timeline for the mobile app at this point. You’d be better off learning how to use the pedal in its current state for your live performance needs, and I’d be happy to help you with that if you have any further questions.