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Thank you vey much  for the detailed reply.

The great thing about the H9 app is that I can switch quickly between any of 9 algorithms on my phone. I just have to tap the relevant icon on my phone. If I swipe left on I can instantly access 9 more.

On the H90 it seems it’s either Select Mode  which means scrolling through a list  (not very practical for live performance) or Bank Mode which gives you access to 3 programs ( a total of 6 algorithms).

But in the latter case you have to select the bank and then select the program.

So to have the same accessibility as the H9 ( 9 algorithms) I would need 3 banks and need to tap a footswitch twice. Tap and hold to scroll through the 3 banks and then tap again to select the algorithm . So 2-3 interactions with the pedal compared to the touch of 1 icon on the H9 app. Also the screen is small and difficult to read from a standing position on stage.

I take your point about using a midi controller, but that only complicates things.

So it seems the H90 is more designed for home studio use, not really for live performances, which seems like a step back.

Can you say whether or not Eventide is actually planning to release an app at some stage for the H90?

Thank you