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Gotta say (and I’m completely biased here, but I’d have the exact same opinion if I were 100% objective too): you should try using MIDI Designer for iPhone. You could create a “radio button” layout, wherein you could have as many labeled buttons as you wanted, in a grid, organized so that no more than one could be selected at a time.  Use those labeled buttons as a single-touch “menu” of program changes to be sent to the H90. Hell, give the two sides of the H90 different MIDI channels, make a grid of buttons for each MIDI channel, and you’ll be be TWO TOUCHES away from choosing any preset you like for each side, aka ‘Mixing & matching FX heaven.’

Yes, you have to figure out “MIDI from iPhone.” I have successfully used an external MIDI interface as well as plugged the iPhone/iPad straight into the computer (or used Bluetooth) and connected it that way. If you don’t use a computer in your rig, you’ll need a MIDI interface for your iPhone. Get that working and you will be able to create ANY MIDI CONTROL LAYOUT you can imagine on your iOS device for use with your H90.  Pretty cool.