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Eventide Staff

Hi dogfish80,

A few observations:

1. In the “ms-exp preset-scaled” image, I see you have the expression pedal set to transmit CC#100. Yet, in your H90 external control assignments, none of the functions are mapped to CC# 100. In other words, the MC6 is transmitting your expression pedal movements on CC#100 but nothing is programmed to receive on the H90.

2. In the “H90-midi-ms-preset” image, I see you have assigned one switch to control two different controller change numbers, CC38 and CC39. These require you to press a switch on the MC6 Pro to send a value to the respective CC38 and CC39; both will receive the value of expression on Port 1. Not sure this is what you want to do.

3. In your H90 assignments, I see you have mapped “Expression 1” to all the Quick Knob, but here, “Expression 1” is referring to the expression pedal connected to the first EXP/CTL input on the back of the H90.

For things to work more smoothly, I would assign CC100 to the exact function you want to control.