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Hi, I recently purchased an H90 and I’m really loving it. It sounds truly amazing. I’m also pretty thrilled about clockworks instant phaser and instant flanger in the pedal. It’s so cool to have those historic boxes in this pedal 🙂

I have a couple questions about some of the effects.

1. in head space, why is it that the delay time is set with note values +/- %? I’m guessing that this is to make it more like trying to get rhythmic multi head delay patterns with actual tape machines. I love the sound of headspace, but man it would be way easier to use with all the standard note values (dotted 8, triplet, 5/16, etc.) <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>as it is currently I find it can take me like 1/2 hr to get the timing right, almost like working with a real tape machine. Would you consider adding a tempo mode with standard note divisions in a future update?</span>

Also I certainly wouldn’t mind having independent wow and flutter, like we do in tape echo.

2. The chorus algo sounds so good! One point of confusion for me though is that in the manual it says “intensity: dry/wet mix”. My assumption with a dry wet mix would be that 100 percent is only the wet signal, aka vibrato, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Does that mean that 100 percent is actually 50% dry and 50% wet aka chorus?

3. The flange algo also sounds amazing! Here the manual says “intensity: effect level” which again in my mind means something to the extent of wet / dry mix, but when I turn the intensity knob in the flange algo it is clearly a feedback parameter. And even when the intensity is all the way down it still sounds like flanger without feedback (which is generally my preference with flanger).

I’m just bringing up these points because I find the manual a little unclear, and I really like to know exactly what I’m effecting when I’m designing a sound.


I really love the pedal.
thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.