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Yes, it’s the same as the H9 for the same reason.

After extensive testing with an analog dry path vs. converting the signal and doing the wet/dry mix after the converter, we chose the latter due to the fact that it ultimately sounds better. By changing the wet/dry mix after the conversion we avoid comb filtering resulting from phase cancellation which occurs when mixing together a dry analog signal with a signal which has gone through A/D and D/A. This comb filtering effect can seriously degrade your tone depending on the frequency. We use very high quality A/D converters which are very transparent and do not affect your tone (we have been making effects processors used by guitar players for over 50 years and have a proven track record in this area). However, if you so desire, you can use a switcher or an analog pan pedal and run a completely dry analog signal path outside the Stompbox and run H90 at 100% wet. In fact, we have added a “Kill Dry” setting in the system menu if you are running your set up that way.