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This behavior depends on both the note mode and poly mode settings.

When using mono mode, only 1 MIDI note is received and is applied to both voices.

When using poly mode:

– Normal: Voices are assigned in a round robin fashion.

– Ordered: First note played is always Voice1. Then Voice2 and so on.

– Spread1: All notes play if any keys are pressed. Voice1 is the highest,
Voice2 is the next highest and so on. The note assignment happens every time you press a key.
If you just press one note, all voices play the same note.

– Spread2: Just like spread1 except that note assignment also happens when you lift up a key.
When you lift up from a chord, you’re left with all voices playing one note.

The best way to figure out how it works is to play around and you should get the hang of it.