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One question I have about the routing options: is this saved into the preset? Or is this set globally?

There are two global routing modes in the H90 – Insert and Dual Mode. Insert Mode allows positioning of two mono external effects loops within your signal flow. Dual mode does not have loops, but rather makes the H90 function as two independent processors. Once you designate which global mode you’ll use, then you can adjust the routing of the algorithms, series or parallel, within your signal flow; this is the setting that gets stored on a Program basis.

I will use the H90 pedal with two synths and have them both use one algorithm. But performance wise during liveshows it would be great to sometimes have one synth use 2 algorithms for example (as stated in the comment above).

I recommend using dual global routing mode. This way you can decide when either synth gets one, both, or none of the effects.

I would then use my MPC live to send program change messages to the pedal and change the preset – but this will only work if its saved into the preset.

To be clear, on the H90 we call them Programs. A program consists of two algorithms. The series-parallel routing gets stored on a program basis. The signal flow routing, Insert or Dual mode, gets set globally across all algorithms.