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This sounds like a good idea. Can you recommend any of the above EQ Programs of the H90 to place it after your Dynaflanger Preset? It is really a challenge to find the right mix between wet and dry signal and to maintain a direct pick attack when using the Dynaflanger. I don’t have the Polymoon under my hands yet because it is on a pedalboard which gets an update by a friend of mine, but it would be funny if at the end of the day your Dynaflanger Presets wins the competiton. It is better than the Quantum and the Bubble Tron Pedal for sure and offers much more detailed control so the only Pedal which remains a serious challenger is the Meris Polymoon. We will see… 😉 Why can we never be satisfied with what we have? One more time – I think you did a great job on recreating the Dynaflanger.

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