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Trying my best to not sound like an audio corksniffer here, but …

I don’t use Factory Programs / Presets.  Absolutely nothing wrong with them.  I have always preferred to dial in from scratch.  Even with the H90, I zero everything out first, and then start there.

And I don’t use much EQ.  It destroys phase telationships.  Small cuts; rarely boosts.  If you’re looking toward Systech Energizer territory, you need 4X or 5X the maximum boost found in EQ Comp.

With parametrics like that, I would start with 12 dB boost, the narrowest* Width, and dial around the Frequency until I find my ‘sweet spot’.  Then dial down that 12 dB boost to the least amount I can get away with.

[Counterintuitively, the narrowest Width appears to be 10 now in the H90, and 1 as the widest bandwidth.]

You could also use the Low Cut in the DynaFlanger Preset(s), and see if that helps the focus.  As I recall, I used two wildly different settings.

The compressor in EQ Comp is an ‘auto-level’ type.  Again, it performs well enough as designed, and it’s handy in many cases.  But you won’t have the control over pick attack (and every other comp parameter) that you might like to have.

This would be a whole other thread topic, but of all the Eventide compressor offerings, the best one is the OmniPressor [or Decay OFF in DynaVerb].

One final thought on wet / dry balance.  Have you considered keeping your Presets wet (or mostly wet), and dialing down the 100% Mix at the Program level?

That’s what I end up doing the majority of the time now.  Get both Presets balanced against each other, the fold in just the right amount of input signal.  Parallel ‘compression-style’.