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Not sure why, but I couldn’t access the Soundcloud clips (at work).  But I’ll assign a little more ‘homework’ on the distortion front.

I’m guessing your distortion is coming from the Quad Cortex.  Most H9/H90 users favor external distortions; often analog.  My go-to is a (digital) S/A MultiWave, or Trash 2 ITB.  But as a test, see what happens when you use one of the H90 distortion algos.

I’d lean toward something like Sculpt, as you can split the bands out in stereo.  Dial in some minimal Low & High Drive.  Find your Crossover Frequency ‘sweet spot’.  The pre- & post-filters make a convincing wah, mapped to an expression pedal.  Or you can use them parked, or triggered by the envelope follower.  And you have access to a compressor.

CrushStation is another one to try, for a parked wah sound.  It has some similar (but not identical) features to Sculpt.  My mantra is to cycle through the algorithm types to see what you can exploit, as each one brings a different feature set to the table.