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Thank you, very instructive information. I hope you can access the sound clips at home? I am not a big tweaker, but I will try to learn. It is not the end of the world if I can not make the Dynaflanger with a Wah Pedal. I am not sure if I really like that sound so much. Maybe there are other ways to give it just a little bit more of a vocal quality. We also have to differentiate between using an expression pedal connected to the H90 or connected to the Quad Cortex. I would say just as a sidenote Zappa himself was using just an analog Wah Pedal in front of everything else, but this doesn’t mean that you maybe can get even nicer results when you connect the expression pedal only to the H90 to controll certain parameters of the Dynflanger. Anyway I want to hear the Jet Flanging and for this it seems to me that you need a fair amount of high frequencies, but this means that you have not much bandwidth left in order to sweep with a Wah from lower to higher frequencies. So that is the point where I am running against a will and give up with the whah pedal.