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Well, Zappa also tuned his onboard EQ to each venue, with a truckload of amps, and racks of cutting-edge & custom effects, so you’re not going to get quite there without winning the Lottery.  And roadies.

As for tweaking, you can’t so anything wrong in the H90.  Find something close, make a copy, and start turning the knobs on the copy.  If you screw something up beyond recovery, back up and start over again.  Save your incremental accomplishments.  Create an entirely separate PlayList for just DynaFlanger experiments.

For ‘vocal’, the most important thing (in this kind of application) is having two very resonant, very short delays, and having some method of getting them to cross over each other.  Could be an expression pedal, envelope follower, LFO, sequencer, HotKnob …

The vocal quality happens in-between.  That’s the reasoning behind the original Program.  Nearly inverted parameters on each Preset ‘side’, then sweeping those delay time values in opposite directions.