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Sounds like some good advice, all around.  Concise, with an extra helping of option paralysis.

Now I’m going to toss a giant wrinkle into your list of possibilities and overall process:

  • The Quad Cortex is upstream, I assume.
  • H90 Insert Mode – using Input / Output 1 & 2.
  • Dry input centered and accessed at the Program level.
  • The original MicMix DynaFlanger Pair Program (as programmed, in parallel) – each Preset stereo to both outputs.
  • Meris PolyMoon as a stereo insert – H90 Input / Output 3 & 4.
  • PolyMoon programming & insert placement in the H90 – your choice for best results.
  • Modify everything (IF needed), for wah, distortion, dynamic flanger, phasers – best sounding combination.