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Option paralysis rules 😉 I will have to wait 4 weeks until I get my hands on the Polymoon. Then we will see if I can marry the Polymoon with the H90. I will definitely have the Polymoon exactly as you said as a stereo insert H90 Input / Output 3 & 4. It’s really great that the H90 offers this possibility. Wait, I will go one step further – I will have a Mastermind PCBX6 Switcher as a stereo insert in the H90 Input / Output 3 & 4. The switcher will have 3 Stereo Loops and  the Switcher can receive and deliver a Stereo Signal. In the Stereo Loops will sit the Quantum and the Polymoon and god knows who else. I will use the Quantum as an 80s Stereo Chorus with all knobs on 12, not as a Dynamic Flanger because your Preset does this better and we will see how the Polymoon will perform. I will keep you updated. As a sidetone: The more I use the H90, the more I like it. I am still struggling to understand very basic things about compressors and eqs, but I have this obsession that I want to use one guitar for everything. The problem was that my PRS Fiore has a neck single coil and sometimes you want that fat sound of a humbucker. So I was googling and feeling pretty lost and then I stumbled upon a Preset in the H90 which does this pretty well. It is called “Leo to Les”. There is also a “Les to Leo” Preset, but I think it is more difficult to simulate a Strat on a Humbucker Guitar, that is why I have the Fiore with Neck and Middle Single Coil and Bridge Humbucker – very nice! So one should think that I am almost done, right? But you always find something new. I guess that is human nature. I am still looking to emulate Guitar Feedback with the H90 and in the long run I want to get rid of as much pedals as possible except the H90.