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I got one question: I am trying to fake a guitar feedback. I haven’t seen anything in this direction on Patchstorage. So I try my best. See the screenshot above. Is it possible to delay the time until the effect becomes active? Because as we all know the higher octave does not ring immediately with a pick stroke. It fades in after a certain time, but I don’t know how to do that.

I’m working on that one; accounting for the various feedback harmonics.  The intent will be to mirror something like the Digitech FreqOut.

But there are a couple options at PatchStorage for a head start, with a couple of options.  As mentioned in another post, Approaching A-Pogee needs the DynaVerb Threshold lowered to ~ 36 dB (+/-), to translate well across all systems.  That OmniPressor will be your delayed onset for feedback.

Slow Gear Delay Panner takes another approach, using TremoloPan as the delaying offset.  That’s not a bad idea to try HotSawz as the ‘feedbacker’.  You can try swapping out HotSawz for the HeadSpace Preset in that Program.