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As mentioned in another post, Approaching A-Pogeeneeds the DynaVerb Threshold lowered to ~ 36 dB (+/-), to translate well across all systems.  That OmniPressor will be your delayed onset for feedback.

Slow Gear Delay Panner takes another approach, using TremoloPan as the delaying offset.  That’s not a bad idea to try HotSawz as the ‘feedbacker’.  You can try swapping out HotSawz for the HeadSpace Preset in that Program.

So I tried “Approaching…” and “Slow Gear…” I lowered the threshold on approaching. So far so good, but in both programs it seems to me that the effect comes immediately, so it doesn’t behave like a feedback which fades in after a certain amount of time. And in Slow Gear I changed headspace into Hot Sawz, but again it doesn’t fade in like a feedback. But maybe I should stop at this point and just wait until you are done with your feedback simulation…