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Summer is typically my slowest time of year work-wise, so I bought my H90 about a month ago with the intention of being able to dive deep over the next couple months.  I am new to Eventide gear, and after just getting some general familiarity with it over the past month I have to say that it is everything I’d hoped for and more.

Insert-wise, I’ve got ZOIA in both inserts of a parallel H90 program (DigitalDelay||Diatonic).  ZOIA’s flanger *starts* in insert 1 after the DD, and ZOIA’s envelope filter *starts* in insert 2, after the Diatonic.  Nothing groundbreaking.  The fun part tho, is that the ZOIA patch is programmed to “flip the insert routing” – via flipping which FX goes to which of its outputs – every X# beats (3 in this example:  https://youtu.be/IbuW4U4_gAw)…  so [DD+flanger] in parallel with [Diatonic+E-F], then [DD+E-F] in parallel with [Diatonic+flanger], and back & forth they go.  ZOIA is also randomly picking the A & B pitches of Diatonic, and the H90’s hot switches 2 & 3 are programmed to freeze the delays of the DD & Diatonic respectively.  Like I said nothing groundbreaking, but super fun and loads of possibilities.  Now that I’m getting comfortable with the H90, next on my list is inserting my ZOIA dual looper & granular patches (https://patchstorage.com/author/fiddlercrabseason/). 😊


Thanks Eventide for making such a great piece of gear.  And thanks to brock, rck and rustydutch for the H90 “tutorials” (via patchstorage).


It’s going to be a great summer. 😊