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No, my brother! This is aint cool to wait so long!

I can not say how much I m disappointed; Evertide did not deliver it yet, and the schedule for the launch of the App is far away, I guess. I think they know about the users using the app, and they got the data about that; however, they kind of hide it. I guess they did not want marketing and sales to drop down.

Making a good app that will be delivered the aspect of “something new” takes time and money, and I guess someone in the company expected more sales, and now it is stacked kind of between both sales are not rocket height to a “bad project”

I don’t want to be a negative person that delivered bad news, while I set up the device in such a way that kind of did the trick but still

if I knew about the BT and H90 not having an app, I WAS NOT CHANGE IT ”

but too long, too long indeed

Come on, Evertide, you can do better even with some bugs or even lite version.

Could you give us the power of control?

Please rush it!