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Dear Eventide fans and Eventide stuff, the H90 is really an excellent effect device and I am very happy that I bought it. It is advertised as a guitar effect pedal, but it is so much more. I use it for example with synthesizers and as an outboard effect device for the DAW. I think there are many others who also use the H90 not only with a guitar.</span> I don’t know exactly if there is already such a post here in the forum (I didn’t find any), but I thought that we Eventide users here might create a wish list for future updates. It would be nice if Eventide staff would stop by here from time to time and maybe comment on some of the ideas from users. If then wishes actually find their way into future updates, that would be great! I’ll just start: An autotune effect specifically for vocals A vocoder with built-in carrier signal as well as the possibility to feed in the carrier. A modern, natural reverb with many settings. Many of the effects integrated so far come from the H9, which is limited to 10 parameters. Parameter expansion for some effects. It would be great to have the possibility to integrate a third algorithm under the condition that you deactivate spillover. For the Factor pedals and the H9 there is a separate area on the Eventide page where users can upload their presets. That would also be very fine for the H90! Translated from KI because my English isnt very good.

Thanks for your suggestions! We do consider new features and algorithm ideas from users who post here, so feel free to comment with any other ideas you have.

Have you experimented with SP2016 Reverb? This can certainly be a modern and natural reverb. If that doesn’t suit you, can you be more specific with what you are looking for?

Can you elaborate on “Parameter expansion for some effects”? We did add parameters to some of the H9 algorithms, are you requesting more of these? Any algorithms/parameters in particular?

I can log the rest of the requests you have made.