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And here are some other ideas I have been thinking about:


-Some more subtle synth algorithms in the vein of Electro Harmonix .9 series and the ensemble mode on Strymon Cloudburst.

-Another BBD delay, where each succesive repeat is further degraded and with a more conventional feedback parameter that can go into selfoscillation instead of separating number of repeats and selfoscillation.

– New modulation algorithms building on the Head Space and Bouqet Delay.

-A tape saturation with tape flanging/doubling/wow&flutter algorithm.

-Even though the Rotary algorithm is pretty good and loved by people like Josh Smith I think it could be improved upon

-A wavefolder, possibly even a wavetable based wavefolder with sequencer/lfo/dynamcis control for the wavetable morphing (would be great for bass and synths)

-An updated band delay with more delay lines and analog modeled filters with more options for tweaking individual bands.

-Granular effects/micro looping/Glitch effects (think Hologram Microcosm/Chase bliss)

-A Über delay with diffusion, phasing/chorus/flanging, pitchshift, Lo-fi, tape/bbd/digital, and saturation. parallell paths with different effects?

-A Channel strip suited for vocals with EQ, compressor, saturation, delay and reverb.

-A guitar one stop multialgorithm with a dumbed down weedwacker, tremolo/harmonic trem, bbd/tape echo and spring/plate reverb.