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When you are working on a H90 Feedback Emulation and if you have an E-Guitar then I would strongly recommend you to get yourself an Ebow as a reference. It has really a very pleasing to the ear sound. This one has the same features as the Original Ebow, but you can more easily the button to change from sustain to harmonics …

Hard to believe, but my 1st original model Ebow is still going strong.  The chrome plating is all chipped up, and it sports a repaired 9V clip, thanks to an actual phone conversation (!) with the inventor, Greg Heet.

I ordered that one direct from Heet Sound, and since have purchased 2 more of the other 3 releases.  And I really don’t think that the price has increased one cent over all those years.

Yes, there is specialized technique involved, especially with the hot spots and string crossovers.  I usually concede to timing one or the other, regarding Ebow to pick and back.  I never have completely mastered tucking a pick behind the Ebow.  Way too much going on already.

The original model came with a belt holster of sorts.  I doubt the new ones still do.  It’s too tight for ‘quick draw’ use as designed, but it works attached to a nearby mic stand or keyboard.

Good news about the PolyMoon sound results.  Bad news is I haven’t done anything more with the feedback emulation to date.  My focus has been hijacked by some other PatchStorage projects that turned out to be very involved.