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A few ideas :

– I’d love to have an extra option for the SPRING algo, where we could generate a “pop” similar to the reverb tanks of yore you could kick. It could be a simple “noise” that would excite the reverb and make that characteristic booming wet sound.

– An extra option for the FLANGER and / or the INSTANT FLANGER to self oscillate à la A/DA or Boss BF1. I haven’t found a way to do it with the current state of the algos, maybe I haven’t given them a proper go though.

– A new modulation with the option to control the shape of the LFO and control it in different ways : to have a square “ascent” and a “seesaw” descent for example, or any other combination. This could be implemented as extra parameters for the new INSTANT PHASER / FLANGER.

– a stutter / bitcrusher algo, with tons of parameters to deliciously destroy our carefully crafted tones.

– I too would love a voice / choir generator !