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Of course, happy to help out. Enjoy your sonic exploration, and remember that it’s half the fun of finally getting to your new favorite tones. As one of my favorite Rush tunes says – the point of a journey is not to arrive.

Thank you again for your explanations!

I will try some of the tips you suggested in the near future.

Do you have any general tips for my favorite reverb ModEchoVerb? Also a question: Flanger and chorus are clear, but what exactly does the swept modulation do?

But now back to the actual topic Whish List:

While many of my wishes so far fall more into the nice-to-have category, as another user has already put it, there are two things that I really miss and that would make working with the H90 much easier:

.) An option to set In/ Out Gain globally for all programs.

.) The second, if not even bigger wish would be to see the input level, the output level and also the volume of the individual effects after signal processing with simple level meters and/ or numerical values. I know that the H90 has a clipping indicator at the input, but it does not tell you whether the audio signal is overdriven after signal processing.

You can rely on your hearing, of course, but easier and more practical in many situations would be a visual feedback.

I mainly use the H90 in conjunction with a DAW. Therefore, it is especially important for me to have this feature in the H90 Control App (that’s why I mentioned it in the Whish List Control App) but I think it wouldn’t be wrong to have the option on the device itself as well.