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Hi, I’ve got a MPC X SE, which is the controller of MPC 2 desktop software. I was wondering if emote can be a vst plug in MPC 2 just as it is in ableton live. Thanks !

I don’t own the MPC X SE, but I tried with MPC Studio and the MPC2 software (2.12.1) on Mac OS 11.7.9. I usually run both MPC2 and Emote as plugins inside Ableton, so I hadn’t tried this before.

Emote seems to work just fine in MPC2. Both VST and AU versions. The only problem is that Emote crashes itself and the MPC2 software when starting Emote or a any project with Emote before the H9000 has fully booted. However this behaviour is the same with every host I’ve tried (Ableton, Logic Pro, MPC2, GigPerformer4..) and with standalone Emote too. So start the H9000 first, then your daw / Emote.