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I have been trying to utilize the insert on the H90 and it works great when its on but what I am trying to do is control it via midi to bring it in and out so I have a couple questions because what I have tried seems to have undesired results so far.  That said, I may be doing something wrong so I don’t want to dismiss that as the problem.

So I am able to control the bypass / active state of the insert itself (set to parallel routing) but it still seems to be sending a dry signal through the insert path and only when changing the routing of the insert from “parallel” to “off” does it kill the dry signal completely which is the result I am after.

So is there a way to achieve that change of the insert routing from parallel to off via some midi CC’s or some combination of midi CC’s to be able to toggle between the two options and just leave the insert active essentially but turn the routing on and off instead?

I am using a Mastermind GT24 so I definitely have the flexibility to send multiple combinations of CC’s if necessary.

If that is NOT possible, is there a way to utilize the active/bypass of the insert itself and it kill the dry signal going through the insert?

Thanks in advance for your help!