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Dear tbskoglund, I tryied to catch your suggestion…


“There is a global option for tap tempo. This will make the controller always adjust the System Tempo BPM. You just need to turn Tempo Sync on for whatever preset you want to sync to this and then it will automatically follow the tempo.



…but it seems it’s not working, I mean it’s me for sure. I’m new to Eventide echosystem and I’m struggling to catch the way things must be done.

I’ll try to explain what’s happening here: I have a budget tap tempo footswitch (the kind of a sustain pedal for keyboards), I imagined out I could stick it in the exp/ctl jack and simply tap it to set the tempo of a program (as I usually ever done previously with my devices). I thought it just needed to enable the H90 to do it, but seems things are a lot more complicated than that.I also think maybe it’s not possible to do the thing because of the tap pedal itself, which has to be a midi controller instead.

Don’t know if I’m totaly wrong. Anyway I’ll like to know the procedure for enabling a tap tempo fs, whathever it is,  by an external footswitch right from the scratch, and probably to get which is the right tap fs to use if there is any.

By the way. that’s why I asked for a more straight forward solution in my wishlist…

Thank you a lot!!!