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Thanks! That’s a pretty clever way to go about this.It’s not what I was hoping to be able to do, but this effectively accomplishes the same thing. Thank you again for some creative thinking.

i second your view and intent on this matter, for the record – received mine coupla days ago, too, am more than impressed at first earglance like you are… and my way of building a (portion of) signal chain for my research is pretty much aligned with yours… à la sound design, if i dare using what sounds like a much abused word these days.

i too, for myself, would prefer to start off a clean slate, a blank canvas, instead of a ready-made concoction that was devised to win users with a taste that is simply not my own…

but i realize (by what i’m listening, hands-on, from my new toy) that a vast number of users and buyers feel perfectly satisfied at tweaking one knob here, one there, building they set off a wow-list that’s indeed already included with the device.

i’ve replaced a decrepit H9 with this H90, which means i had to push another pedal off the board in the process, and really hope to find a way to build from scratch… with the hinted approach helping along the way.

not similar in many aspects, but that’s for me the reason why my H9 before, and this H90 now, is plugged into a Helix ecosystem that has distinct studio, stage and mobile realms, and devices, for my own use – with the ability to build a new “processing-process” off a blank page.

as any new pair of shoes can sure look fantastic, it takes a while (to old folks, especially) before you can call it your own, and hope your feet feel at home in them… i have a whole shelf of those that didn’t make it, which can and will take a few more – just hope it’ll only host shoeboxes, not stompboxes! 🙂