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OK, let’s try this again.  You are set up in Dual Routing mode.  Sorry, but all of my Programs / Lists are set up in Insert Mode.  You’ll see that most of the PatchStorage downloads are labeled as such.  I believe Insert Mode to be more universally useful across a variety of end users.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to convert Dual Routing Preset Lists to Insert Mode Lists.  They are mutually exclusive.  But, in this particular case, there may be a way around it, with a little work involved.

  • (Temporarily) change your system setting to Insert Mode.
  • Load up the Algo Programmer’s Kit list.
  • Save Preset A from each of the 63 Programs.
  • Preset B doesn’t matter, as it’s simply a series pass-through.
  • Switch back to Dual Routing in system settings.
  • The 63 Presets should still work for you as intended.

If need be, I suppose you could recreate the entire Program List in Dual Routing Mode.  But you may be content with selecting an INIT (blank) Program, with each of those Presets coming up first in a search.  I’ll try out a few things this evening to see if there are any “got-cha’s” in that process.