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wholehearted thanks, Brock – for your toolkit contribution, and your explaining effort!
i’ll try the workaround you’re kindly suggesting, later in the day.

and, meanwhile, your hint may have even triggered a different line of reasoning to my approach.

i got the H90 to tentatively turn my tabletop setup into a portable one, my only and honest reason of choice (beside decrepit H9 losing its usb connector) – and, as such, i’ve deliberately ignored the insert function on it, because my main signal processing happens either onboard two HLX Stomp patched in series… or (its studio equivalent on AES/EBU) Helix Rack.

the original plan was to split the H90’s two internal engines, to patch each of them onto the insert path on each HLX Stomp… just like the scheme that became your avatar pic!

then, after listening how all the factory programs are made, seemed the most purpose was in the combined result of two presets – and, after reading this post of yours, i realize there’s room for revising my whole concept (and wiring scheme, consequentially).

you surely know better than i do, how the creative research stimulus stems from a hard-to-master balance point between the comfort zone of a workflow we’ve secured ourselves onto, and the effort of dribbling around unexpected debris and discrepancies… having resolved myself to a stereo-only chain has left some of my most coveted (mono) effects in a drawer at first, then brought them onto a tiny front-end pedalboard that now ends with (stereo output) H9… so the kit that had to become smaller (in order to become portable) has just gotten a tad bigger…

which is where your programming toolkit might make my day – and not before i will have learnt how to teach my H90 to obey a (logical, informed, knowledgeable) command!

a propós logic, informed, and knowledgeable, now’s the time to learn about the routing scheme holding H90’s twin-engine architecture.
thanks again for your generous support – and i mean it!