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I pained over the Dual vs. Insert options a bit myself, at the start.  Dual Routing made a lot of sense in my convoluted setup. I kept trying all the various permutations – noting pros & cons – until I settled on a ‘winner’ (what worked out best for me).

Dual Routing has a lot of advantages, especially since I was matching that alongside similar options in a Poly Effects Beebo.  I ended up with Insert Mode, semi-permanently.  The Presets in stereo, a choice of in Series, or in Parallel (along with a dry signal that is apparently also in parallel with all of that) allows me to treat the H90 like a mini-mixer.

That conceptualization completely freed up the RJM Mini Line Mixer under the ‘board.  I play a lot of synths with the guitars, and the upstream/downstream paths are just as complex.  And that Beebo?  Stereo inserts to the H90, a mini-mixer in its own right, plus an amazing MIDI generator, living right next-door.

I’m just trying to point out here that the versatility in the H90 lets you take whatever path works out.  If you get stuck in the Toolkit conversion process, I can drum up an alternate version.  I probably should have from the start, to cover both potential routings.  Either way you choose to go, let us know how you made out.