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I think your stumbling block on those Presets is in the Delay Mix.  You want it centered A10+B10, to affect both delays equally.  Then there’s the offsets you need in the two Delay times, to get them panning.

I did a quick mod on those 2 Presets; getting rid of the extraneous values.  If you want the shorter & longer Delays to fade out at about the same rate, it’s important to adjust the Feedback levels accordingly.

0 Modified Panning Delays

I want to add the Feedback routing is different across many of the Delay / Pitch / Multi algorithms.  At times it will be a single Feedback path for both Delays, or cross-feedback, twin Delay Feedback paths, Feedback path mixed to mono, ‘disintegrating’ Feedback, or the Feedback length equal to the longest Delay time.

The point being:  That offers a lot of options, but be aware that the panning results will be very different, depending on the algorithm used.