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I think I know what you mean.  Some ping-pong delays (like the Boss DD-20, if I recall correctly) allow you to set up a single delay time, for example an 1/8 note.  Then the unit does all of the ping-pong routing internally [1/8th left – 1/8th right].

It’s going to be different here.  Most of the Eventide offerings are dual delays.  Each side looks at it as a division of the BPM.  So, about the same thing in the result (noting feedback routing differences listed above).  Except you have to double the ‘ping’ note value to get the ‘pong’ side.

A few suggestions to get you started:

  • Filter Pong – delays are routed in series, Filter control to zero, It’s specifically set up to ping-pong, but I don’t think this is what you’re after in the feedback routing.
  • HeadSpace – the most configurable delay of the bunch.  Also the most difficult to wrap your head around.  The Delay Time parameter is the full length of all four Heads.  So you’d set up the Head Div as 1/4 – 1/2- 3/4 – 1.  Pan each head full L-R accordingly.  That will get you 2 ‘pings’ and 2 ‘pongs’.  One caveat:  the Feedback all gets mixed to mono / center after the 1st pass.
  • SpaceTime – probably what I might choose first for this.  Minimize all of the modulation and reverb parameters.  Make sure Delay Lvl is set to Dly10+Snd0.  Set your Delay times where you want (one is 2x the other).  Use a Fdbk 1 value for the repeats.