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Thanks for the help with this. I gigged the past two nights with the delay set the first way; it worked, but… I’m using a tap tempo, so the tap timing didn’t work the way it needed to (the 1/2 division was too long for certain segments of songs, especially when the feel shifted) but I got thru the gig fine and the sounds that the pedal can make made for smiles in the audience (and on the musician)! 😀🎸

<span style=”font-size: inherit;”>I will try the ultra tap set up tomorrow when I get back to re-programming the H90.</span>

It is a real pleasure to share some of the sounds this pedal is capable of with an audience. Unthinkable not long ago; now it’s right here! I’m using the h90 set up with two expression pedals, which really makes great shifts of sound in real time very manageable!

Thanks again all! The answers and suggestions you all have offered on this forum is extremely helpful to me!!