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I’ve been digging for that sweet, side-band-y, STTR gold hiding in the H90 Reverse Delay algo’s X-fade parameter.  Having spent what some might consider an unhealthy amount of time in the mine, a demo reel of my haul follows.

Other than the fake drums/perc (sorry real drummers ☹), all sounds were generated with 4-string Jazz  +  pedalboard *in particular, the dynamic duo of (ZOIA + H90)*  +  Aguilar head  +  DAW.  The X-fade-effected bass tracks were recorded on the fly.  Fake drums and some additional bass tracks were added later based on where the effected tracks pointed me.  I started out making detailed notes about the X-fade patching/twiddling, but that didn’t last long.  (shrugs).

The *modulation ranges used for the X-fade parameter are generally in the 1-2ms range* (e.g., 3ms-4ms, 4ms-6ms, etc.), which when modulated via expression/MIDI/CV will expose somewhere in the range of 12-20+/- overtones…  *CV/MIDI/expression control required to find and target all these overtones*…  the quick knobs & control app just aren’t ‘granular’ enough to dial in more than 1-2 overtones.  Also, Reverse was run at 100% wet.  Suffice to say that the intervals produced by the input and output at, say 50/50 mix, would not appeal to many western-centric ears.  As for the rest of the FX chain, to the best of my recollection & incomplete notes…




0:00  STTR07, TaterSkins:  (ZOIA = modulation of multiple target parameters)  +  (H90 = Reverse + Band delay) + (looper)

0:55  STTR02, SpiralDolphin:  (ZOIA = controlling X-fade values via 2 sequencers)  +  (H90 = Reverse + ModFilter)

2:45  STTR05, CradleChimes:  (ZOIA = modulating multiple parameters)  +  (H90 = Reverse + Resonator)

3:25  STTR06, CaptCaveman’sDoomAngels:   (H90 = Reverse + Crush Station)

5:40  STTR04b, SlowFried:  (ZOIA = 2-min delay buffer) + (H90 = Reverse + Harpegg)  +  (Timeline = Reverse)

6:20  STTR03, Ludi’sTumbao (ZOIA1 = polyrhythmic delay & 16-sec delay buffer + envelope follower modulating X-fade)  +  (H90 = Reverse + Reverse),

and (ZOIA2 = morphing between live delays and buffered delays)

7:10  STTR01, SJ’sDub:  (H90 = Diatonic + Reverse)  +  (ZOIA = EQ) + (Grizzly OD) + (Timeline = BBD)


So much fun.

Thanks Eventide!!