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      I stumbled across something, which I *really like*, and would like to know the *why* behind it, so I can maybe try to more predictably harness it, and/or see if I can exploit it elsewhere, both within the H90 as well as other gear. This might be ‘audio processing 101’ to some folks, but it never hurts to ask…

      I’m playing around with the X-fade parameter in the Reverse algo.  Wet mix = 50, A10/B10 @ noon, all other parameters = 0…

      With X-fade at levels from ~120ms down to 3ms – and most obviously at the lower end of that spectrum – I get some *really* interesting ‘ring-mod’ type effects.  And I like it!!  Most especially *two of them*, either in series or parallel, at slightly different rates (eg, 3ms and 5ms).  Really fun.

      Can you help me understand why the X-fade parameter is doing this?

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      There’s a great explanation from Eventide’s Dan Gillespie found in this ancient thread:


      And more toys to play here:


      Like you, I stumbled into this backwards, and found a whole new world to explore.

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      thank you @brock!!

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      I’ve been digging for that sweet, side-band-y, STTR gold hiding in the H90 Reverse Delay algo’s X-fade parameter.  Having spent what some might consider an unhealthy amount of time in the mine, a demo reel of my haul follows.

      Other than the fake drums/perc (sorry real drummers ☹), all sounds were generated with 4-string Jazz  +  pedalboard *in particular, the dynamic duo of (ZOIA + H90)*  +  Aguilar head  +  DAW.  The X-fade-effected bass tracks were recorded on the fly.  Fake drums and some additional bass tracks were added later based on where the effected tracks pointed me.  I started out making detailed notes about the X-fade patching/twiddling, but that didn’t last long.  (shrugs).

      The *modulation ranges used for the X-fade parameter are generally in the 1-2ms range* (e.g., 3ms-4ms, 4ms-6ms, etc.), which when modulated via expression/MIDI/CV will expose somewhere in the range of 12-20+/- overtones…  *CV/MIDI/expression control required to find and target all these overtones*…  the quick knobs & control app just aren’t ‘granular’ enough to dial in more than 1-2 overtones.  Also, Reverse was run at 100% wet.  Suffice to say that the intervals produced by the input and output at, say 50/50 mix, would not appeal to many western-centric ears.  As for the rest of the FX chain, to the best of my recollection & incomplete notes…




      0:00  STTR07, TaterSkins:  (ZOIA = modulation of multiple target parameters)  +  (H90 = Reverse + Band delay) + (looper)

      0:55  STTR02, SpiralDolphin:  (ZOIA = controlling X-fade values via 2 sequencers)  +  (H90 = Reverse + ModFilter)

      2:45  STTR05, CradleChimes:  (ZOIA = modulating multiple parameters)  +  (H90 = Reverse + Resonator)

      3:25  STTR06, CaptCaveman’sDoomAngels:   (H90 = Reverse + Crush Station)

      5:40  STTR04b, SlowFried:  (ZOIA = 2-min delay buffer) + (H90 = Reverse + Harpegg)  +  (Timeline = Reverse)

      6:20  STTR03, Ludi’sTumbao (ZOIA1 = polyrhythmic delay & 16-sec delay buffer + envelope follower modulating X-fade)  +  (H90 = Reverse + Reverse),

      and (ZOIA2 = morphing between live delays and buffered delays)

      7:10  STTR01, SJ’sDub:  (H90 = Diatonic + Reverse)  +  (ZOIA = EQ) + (Grizzly OD) + (Timeline = BBD)


      So much fun.

      Thanks Eventide!!

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      X-Fade is quite the mini-rabbit hole, isn’t it?  I suppose the atonality might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed this.

      Metallic funk, using real metals.  I had to laugh at the use of the Keaton clips.  Matched up almost perfectly as a soundtrack.

      Nicely done, Mitch.  See, the catch is … now you have to share those H90 Presets / Programs you used.

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      …See, the catch is … now you have to share those H90 Presets / Programs you used.

      That’s not *next* on the list…  but it *is* on the list. 🙂

      Honestly, there’s so much that’s specific to how I was controlling the H90 that I’m not sure how much good they’ll do anyone.  But I figured I’d throw them out there just the same.  Soon.

      – M

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      Just messing with you a little.  I understand that a lot happens with the ZOIA(s) / H90 symbiosis.  And the difficulties with translating MIDI control over to something generically useful to everyone.

      I struggle with that myself with uploaded Programs.  Drop out MIDI CCs (which I use all the time myself), no AUX switches, limit to one expression pedal, mostly independent of outside hardware … Try to keep them authentic, but with a bare minimum of add-ons.

      Not to go too far off-topic.  Back to the X-fade extravaganza.

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