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Bert Sleeckx

This is what I hear.

00:00:00   Amp no fx with loop:      -28.1 dbfs

00:13:50   H90 no usb                  -17.8 dbfs

00:27:00   H90 usb                        -4.5  dbfs

00:40:00  H90 usb short cables -5.8 dbfs

00:53:50 Tc flashback no usb         -23.3 dbfs

01:07:00 Tc flashback usb              -22.9 dbfs


Tried everything, other cables, everything in the same socket, after a powerconditioner, without powerconditioner. Changed IO, bypass, killdry settings in H90.


Guitar->H90 input1

H 90 output1->Duotone  H&K input

DuotoneH&K send->H90 input3

H90 output3->DuotoneH&K return

It’s a parallel loop and the amptone is kind off classic rock(no shitload of gain)

How can I fix this? Or is this a faulty unit??

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