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Band Delays originated on the H3000, Blackhole on the DSP4000. We have multiple plate algorithms spanning development from SP2016 through to Space. Many H9 algorithms came from our Factor line, and then some were developed explicitly for the H9 itself (UltraTap, TriceraChorus, Crush Station, Hot Sawz, etc). H9000 and H90 continue to enable algorithm development beyond what previous generations could do, and we’re always designing new algorithms.

If you’re interested in more, you’ll have to be specific. Our catalog is vast, and we’ve been continuously innovating for over 50 years so it’s hard to say which hardware generation an arbitrary algorithm originates from. This said, I’m stoked you’re interested in the history of these sounds, as they’re a deep part of Eventide’s fabric and inform the way I think about the sounds of tomorrow.