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  • Is it possible to have more than one graphic window open? Super convenient when you need to copy a string of modules.

Yes, in the File menu select New Window (Ctrl + Shift + N).  You can then load or download or create another algorithm in this window.

  • The shortcut for rearranging the module order doesn’t work for me, shift and arrow, am I wrong? (Mac)

On windows its Ctrl and Up/Down Arrows. If you right click on a block it will show you a menu where you can increment or decrement index order.  The shortcut keys are displayed next to it.

Alternatively, select the modules tab above the library modules and you can drag and drop the order of the modules.  Bulk moving doesn’t work yet unfortunately, but it’s still a lot quicker than the shortcut key when you need to move a module a long way in the list.

  • Previously the textblock with info of the algorithms showed up in the menu on the screen, but I can’t find that on The H9000.

This isn’t currently supported, but Eventide told me that it will be enabled at some stage.  I currently use a text block that I wire to an adc-kids block so that there is a bit of info available for the user as the last screen.

  • Is is possible to tag user algorithms into categories, like delay, reverb, instruments etc.?

There are some tags in the algorithm reference here – https://www.barryrudolph.com/recall/manuals/eventide_h9000_algor.pdf but I’m not sure if they propagate with user algorithms.  I need to experiment with this at some stage.

  • When you need to add extra strings to modules for instance a menupage, previously you could add inputs in the middle of the row and then you opened up a spot. Is that still possible?

Nope, but it would be nice.  I never owned a H8000, but from what I can see, the H9000 is more flexible generally because you aren’t limited to 4 controls per screen and you can expand menu pages by increasing the number of inputs.

  • And the multimilliondollar question, what’s the easiest way to convert old sigfiles from the H8000 to H9000. I’ve been doing it module by module from VsigX 1.9. It takes a long time.

I’ve thought about this a bit, but not having a H8000 doing conversions is tricky for me.  I’d probably look at the sig files in a text editor and copy/paste the important bits, but some modules have been deprecated and some need different I/O, so a few blocks may need some manual editing.  The head section is probably different, so I’d create a template in VSIG first, and you need to make sure there is something after the final tail | in the programming section (as opposed to the layout section), or the algorithm will only open as a thru block.

When you paste a module, it’s always the last module.  Use the modules window to drag it to the correct position.