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tonyshred wrote:
Is it possible to have more than one graphic window open? Super convenient when you need to copy a string of modules.

Yes, in the File menu select New Window (Ctrl + Shift + N).  You can then load or download or create another algorithm in this window.

Can’t believe I missed this. But Thanks a lot.

tonyshred wrote:
Previously the textblock with info of the algorithms showed up in the menu on the screen, but I can’t find that on The H9000.

This isn’t currently supported, but Eventide told me that it will be enabled at some stage.  I currently use a text block that I wire to an adc-kids block so that there is a bit of info available for the user as the last screen.

I found a workaround though. Connecting a textblock to a menupage, and then into adc-kids. The weird thing is that you’re only allowed to type 20 characters in the textblock, but I can live with that.