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Hello all, current H90 (AMAZING) user dabbling in analog synth and have found that the Misha seems like it will open up a whole world for someone like me that is not “musical” and has no piano training. I am in awe of how such a simple conceptual shift totally changes how one (I, now) look at music. My biggest creative issue with my rig is programming notes that sound good and flow into my current SQ-64, I have yet to have it feel natural whatsoever.

I’ve done a lot of reading here in the last week or so and as of this firmware update it looks like Eventide has done a lot to add features that have been requested as well as fixing existing implementations.

I am curious if we could get an update about the future of Misha? I heard someone say possibly a standalone Misha? This might be better for me as I am not currently eurorack equipped (though I’ve found a few ~$100 ways to make a standalone pod)

Are there still plans to support and add features to this device?

I may very well impulse purchase it anyway because my adhd be like that lol. However I figured it was worth a quick ask here for myself and any others possibly looking into Misha now. I know there’s never a good time to buy any electronic, but I’d be bummed if I bought this and in 2 months you announce the new hotness 🙂


Cheers and thank you for making this device. I am very excited to experience interval sequencing.