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      Eventide Staff

      Hi all,

      We have released Misha Firmware 1.1.0. Please follow the instructions from the QRG to update your Misha: https://downloads.eventide.com/audio/manuals/misha/Misha-QRG-Web-RevA1.pdf


      • Improved velocity from CV and MIDI
      • Improved pitch bend on CV input
      • Only allow adding interval sequence intervals when on the Auto Play Screen.
      • Fixed bug where MIDI stopped responding (when certain MIDI controllers were plugged into MIDI In)
      • Fixed bug where clock divider went to 1/4 if clock source changed.
      • Fixed bug where one note’s release cut off a held note, when Misha set to Poly.
      • General UI and system setting improvements

      New Features

      1. MIDI In Clock/Sequencing Features

      • MIDI Clock (via MIDI In) – you can sync Misha now to any device that outputs MIDI clock (DAW, MIDI sequencer, etc.). To do this, in Setup set Clocking/Ext Clock Source to “MIDI Clock”.
      • MIDI Start/Stop/Continue also implemented. After a MIDI Stop: Start begins Misha Tone Row from top; Continue command starts Misha’s Tone Row where it left off.
        MIDI Song Position keeps Misha in sync with DAW.
      • MIDI Song Select 1-18 will pick preset 1-18.
      • If you are sending Active Sense bytes into Misha, then this can be used to automatically switch Misha to use MIDI Clock. Set Clocking/Ext Clock Source to MIDI Active Sense
        Clocking Screen now contains these choices: Off, On, MIDI

      2. Misha can now transmit MIDI clock and MIDI Start/Continue/Stop message (only when clock set to Internal). See in Setup menu: MIDI/Tx Timing Clock (24 PPQ only), MIDI/Tx Real Time Msg (Start/Continue/Stop).

      3. When Misha clock set to Internal, Gate Out 3 can optionally send a clock pulse out. In Setup, Clocking/Clock Output/Gate 3 Output

      4. “Last Note” feature: There is a new parameter in MIDI/MIDI PassThru/Mode: “Active Last Note”. When selected, if you play a MIDI note into Misha which is not defined in “MIDI/MIDI Mapping/Note Mapping”, then this becomes the ‘last note’ and the next interval change will be in relation to this. This can be turned on and off by means of a MIDI note or CC defined in the map, using “Special/Last Note[{Off, On}]. This can be assigned in MIDI using MIDI/MIDI Mapping/MIDI Note (or controller)/Special/Last Note or MIDI/MIDI PassThru/Mode/Active Last Note

      5. Audio Output Enhancements

      • New Audio Output menu: from Main screen, press and hold key + UNDO. You can start a tone row playing and then enter this menu to hear your changes to your audio patch live.
      • Menu now contains 4 audio output waveforms: sine, square, saw, triangle, with individual volume and panning controls.
      • Individual oscillator volume can be controlled remotely, via the CV Inputs.
      • Audio Output settings are stored in presets.
      • Incoming MIDI velocity is applied as a percentage of the Audio Output master level.
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      The upgrade procedure does not work. I don’t have an EDM application installed on my computer. So how does this work? Why is all the Eventide stuff so complex?

      Considered the H9000 but after buying the Misha and H90 I think I pass.

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        Eventide Staff

        Sorry for the confusion. You’ll need to download the Eventide Device Manager software to update your Misha: https://www.eventideaudio.com/software/device-manager/

        After that, you can follow the instructions to update in the QRG that is linked above. If you still have issues, please be specific about what you are struggling with.

        Let me know what happens.

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      Was able to update. Two points of attention. A soft reboot would be nice. Currently the only way to reboot is disconnecting the USB and power supply, then your EDM application gets a little frustrated. Secondly maybe an idea putting your EDM software also within the product page (under “download”) of your website?

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        Eventide Staff

        Glad to hear you got it updated. There is no need to be connected to EDM after updating since it is only used for the update process, so the best procedure is to disconnect the USB and power connections once the update is done. I’ll see about linking to EDM from the product page, thanks for the feedback.

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      Just reading about Firmware 1.1.0, maybe add a link to it in this thread? (for future visitors) I’m off to search for it now…


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        Eventide Staff

        Sorry, I’m not sure what you are requesting. You need to use the Eventide Device Manager application to update Misha, and the update file can be found within the app. There is no link to share.

        Anytime we release a new firmware update for Misha, there will be a thread at the top of the Eurorack forum with details about the update.

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        Ok, thanks. I didn’t know I needed to start EDM to see the file to update. Roger that.

        Thanks for clarifying.

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      Hello all, current H90 (AMAZING) user dabbling in analog synth and have found that the Misha seems like it will open up a whole world for someone like me that is not “musical” and has no piano training. I am in awe of how such a simple conceptual shift totally changes how one (I, now) look at music. My biggest creative issue with my rig is programming notes that sound good and flow into my current SQ-64, I have yet to have it feel natural whatsoever.

      I’ve done a lot of reading here in the last week or so and as of this firmware update it looks like Eventide has done a lot to add features that have been requested as well as fixing existing implementations.

      I am curious if we could get an update about the future of Misha? I heard someone say possibly a standalone Misha? This might be better for me as I am not currently eurorack equipped (though I’ve found a few ~$100 ways to make a standalone pod)

      Are there still plans to support and add features to this device?

      I may very well impulse purchase it anyway because my adhd be like that lol. However I figured it was worth a quick ask here for myself and any others possibly looking into Misha now. I know there’s never a good time to buy any electronic, but I’d be bummed if I bought this and in 2 months you announce the new hotness 🙂


      Cheers and thank you for making this device. I am very excited to experience interval sequencing.


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        Oh and since I’m here asking silly questions… Is the audio output on Misha Mod or Line level?

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        Eventide Staff


        Thanks for your interest in Misha.

        We are currently selling a Misha + 4MS Pod32 + power supply bundle that allows Misha to be used as a standalone device if you don’t have a Eurorack setup – https://store.eventideaudio.com/collections/hardware/products/misha?variant=42767925248161

        Misha is still a very new product that will continue to be supported and have future updates, but I cannot provide any details or schedule for when any updates may be available. Are there any specific features you are looking for in a future update?

        The audio output is line level and can be connected directly to an audio interface, FX processor, etc.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.

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        Thank you so much for the prompt reply, I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. I grew up in North Jersey (Montclair,) had no idea you guys were based there.

        Due to my fund limitations I was only shopping the Misha from Sweetwater because I have their no interest credit line, so I only feed my gear habit that way. Good stuff on the bundle, I never saw that on your site. I’m leaning towards a TipTop desk/rack frame w/PSU and that way I have space for yet more stuff *rolleyes* already looking at a ES Disting EX+ and a couple of Dot’s (which of course sweetwater doesn’t sell… maybe thats good for me right now lol)

        I am very happy to hear that you plan to further support/develop the product. I guess in the fringe tech/hardware world sometimes an awesome thing comes along and is not well-adopted and then the company stops supporting it. (David3D/HP 3D Scan i’m looking at you…) As far as features… I guess I don’t even know yet! Some of the other requests made by others seemed to make sense like note repeat limitations, and something that is escaping me right now.

        Glad to know it’s line-level out, that simplifies what I need to get started.


        I have been having so much fun using the H90 and the Boss SL-2 Slicer, and a Line6 DL4 with my synth gear, and I think Misha will help add the missing piece.

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      Holaaa,estaría bien más notas 3n acordes en modo midi,en modo analógico es lógico que no se puede,pero en midi podría hasta 16 supongo,aunque 10 estaría muy bien,pero 16 por las colas del sonido sería mortal jejejejej saludos y gracias por este maravilloso update,adiós 🫂

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      Hi, I’m considering getting the Misha. Is there a way to have it control Arturia collection VSTs?

      For example , Misha to Beatstep Pro to Arturia Collection, would this work?


      my set up includes

      matrixbrute, keylab essential, mother 32, td3, beatstep pro and some doepfer modules


      My hope is to use the Misha to explore the many sounds in analog lab


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        Eventide Staff


        Thanks for your interest in Misha! Yes, you should be able to send MIDI from Misha to the Beatstep and have the MIDI from the Beatstep control your Arturia Collection plug-ins. There are also many possibilities for Misha with your other modular/eurorack devices. Misha works great as a sequencer/controller for all of your MIDI or voltage controlled gear.

        Let me know if there are any other questions I can help you with.

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      It would be nice for future updates to expand the synth engine side of Misha.
      And down the road also add a player to trigger samples off the SD card as well. Some kind of editor to load them in on a computer and transfer them to the SD card and then trigger.
      if you need a beta tester, I have released 428 vinyl singles over the last 3 decades, I’m ASD and offer helpful feedback on products.

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