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No worries, I totally appreciate your effort to help. I was thinking something similar in terms of the SY-200 and wondering whether its polyphonic tracking might cause difficulties with all the sounds bumping around inside the accordion chamber. Perhaps the monophonic tracking of, say, the Audio Source C4 synth pedal might work better.

For now I would wait until the Mixinglink arrives and see how that may work. One thing I realized is that since you only need two balanced inputs for the accordion the Mixinglink can possibly be your all in one solution. As far as the Source Audio C4, you might find the same issues. Do have music stores nearby? I would take the Mixinglink and try different units before purchasing. Or if they have a liberal return policy bring it home and try.

Something I’m curious about, had you been using an accordion with effects previously in a different setup with success? Or is this your first attempt?