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Thank you so much for the prompt reply, I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. I grew up in North Jersey (Montclair,) had no idea you guys were based there.

Due to my fund limitations I was only shopping the Misha from Sweetwater because I have their no interest credit line, so I only feed my gear habit that way. Good stuff on the bundle, I never saw that on your site. I’m leaning towards a TipTop desk/rack frame w/PSU and that way I have space for yet more stuff *rolleyes* already looking at a ES Disting EX+ and a couple of Dot’s (which of course sweetwater doesn’t sell… maybe thats good for me right now lol)

I am very happy to hear that you plan to further support/develop the product. I guess in the fringe tech/hardware world sometimes an awesome thing comes along and is not well-adopted and then the company stops supporting it. (David3D/HP 3D Scan i’m looking at you…) As far as features… I guess I don’t even know yet! Some of the other requests made by others seemed to make sense like note repeat limitations, and something that is escaping me right now.

Glad to know it’s line-level out, that simplifies what I need to get started.


I have been having so much fun using the H90 and the Boss SL-2 Slicer, and a Line6 DL4 with my synth gear, and I think Misha will help add the missing piece.