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More good info–and a great video–thanks! I’ll try to pull together a short recording. The SY-200 has only a guitar/bass setting, which I’ve set on guitar, and the ability to tweak the parameters of individual patches, which helps in some cases. Maybe I should add my 10-channel EQ pedal to the loop or after it. I note that both the audio source C4 and the Zoia synth pedal alternatives have the kind of sensitivity settings you mention and both accept line-level signals. Speaking of which, I suppose I have to ask whether the Mixinglink is overkill for this application. Could I get a cheap Lo-Z to Hi-Z adapter to do the same thing?

Sorry for not getting back to you @squeeze. As far as adding the EQ, I would try and limit things for now. Does the SY-200 have any sort of Noise Gate built in? I think that may be the most helpful if at all. Are you able to adjust the Envelope (ADSR) in the SY-200? Sometimes tweaking the attack decay and release can help with ghost notes.

Definitely looking at other gear (Source Audio) is always a possibility. I would try and find out in someway (by playing in person, or talking to a representative) before purchasing.

Yes it’s possible the Mixinglink is overkill especially since you’re still going to using your Yamaha mixer. Did you have something specific in mind?